The Discovery of New Worlds ACTIVITY 4.E Select whether the sentences are true or false. Correct the false ones. 1. Christopher Columbus landed in America, which had few inhabitants. T F 2. The Maya, the Aztecs and the Inca shared the practice of sedentary village farming. T F 3. Food and handicrafts were transported thanks to a network of roads and canals. T F 4. City-states were characterized by palaces and observatories built using iron and steel. T F 5. War had a dominant role in the Aztec Empire. T F 6. In the Aztec society the power was distributed within the communities. T F 7. The Inca Empire extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts. T F 8. The Inca Emperor in person administered the territory. T F ACTIVITY 4.F Read the following paragraphs and then put them in the correct order to describe the conquest of Central and South America by the Spaniards. The first one is given. The Conquest A 1 When Christopher Columbus reached the Caribbean Islands in 1492, the main objective for the Spaniards was to try to find gold, but in spite of the cruel exploitation of the native populations, the result was not what they had hoped. B Atahuallpa was put to death by Pizarro in August 1533. Atlantic Ocean Gulf of Messico Viceroyalty Mexico of New Spain In 1519 Hern n Cortés left Cuba with only 500 soldiers and arrived in Tenochtitl n without meeting resistance. C Caribbean Sea There he was cordially and respectfully received by Montezuma II, the ruler of the Aztec Empire of Mexico, who probably believed Cortés was the reincarnation of a god. Lima The Spaniards actions, on the contrary, were extremely aggressive. Montezuma was taken prisoner and later died during an internal uprising. As a consequence, from 1517 they started to penetrate the mainland, taking advantage of their firearms. D Viceroyalty of Peru Pacific Ocean The protagonists of this new phase were the conquistadors who were soldiers that had a great desire for adventure but were mainly in search of wealth and power. E Francisco Pizarro carried out an even more incredible action. In 1531 he set sail from Panama with three ships and less than 200 men, and headed for the Reign of Peru. In 1532 the Spaniards arrived at the city of Cajamarca where they met the Emperor Atahuallpa. Spain s American Empire. The Inca Emperor was held hostage and failed to win his release even if he had fulfilled his promise to pay the Spaniards a rich ransom in gold. F The Aztecs eventually drove the Spaniards out from Tenochtitl n, but Cortés returned to defeat the natives and took the city in 1521. The indigenous resistance ended and a new city called Mexico was built. The Reign of Spain founded the Viceroyalty of New Spain. G Then Pizarro progressed toward Cuzco, the royal capital, and in 1532 the Viceroyalty of Peru was founded. 583 77636R_0000E01_INTE_BAS@0583.pgs 15.09.2021 15:02