MODULO 1 The Industrial Revolution The transformations that occurred in England after the middle of the 18th century involved different areas, including agriculture, manufacturing, technology, transportation and urbanization. The process was slow but changed the way people produced and consumed goods. Individual, familial and community organization changed as well. On the whole the reorganization of society can be called a revolution . WARM UP ACTIVITY 1.A Observe the two images below and then insert the words that refer to Image A and Image B into the chart. plough child horses spinning machines countrywoman agricultural production industrial production open space countrymen women factory workers farming equipment closed space windmill castle factory fields Image A Image B BEFORE AFTER A B ACTIVITY 1.B Work in pairs and describe the images above using the words given in Activity 1.A. Then write a caption for each image. Sample: In Image A I can see In Image B I can see 542